In 1978, the artist shop has been established by Rob and Rietje Blom.

This company has been set up especially with the aim of selling high-quality Articles in Europe by means of Internet on to the designers, the architects and the artists. Total-artist has thus no physical sellingpoint, but is closely linked to the physical shop RIBO art-design-framing in Doetinchem. This is one of 40 selling points which form theGRASS/4ART  group. This is an organization of companies; the so-called Graphic Art Supplie Stores, which are locared over the complete country of Holland and can stipulate by massive purchases very sharp  prices. RIBO also is an importer and developer of own articles. These articles are known for their excellent price/quality proportion.

Furthermore RIBO has a framing department which is dovetailed to the ART & FRAME organization. That is the line organization of the better framers and implies also a quality label for the consumer.


That Total-Artist is emphasizing the importance of quality to so much is only logical due to its history.

Rob Blom is a scion of the Blom family  and is the third generation which keeps himself busy with art. Grandfather was carpenter/framer and father was artist/framer. As Rob to Blom says; I am born with oil paint in my ears .

He gladly passes on this knowledge and his skills in his recommendations. This knowledge can also be seen in the restorations which are carried out by him and the frames which are made. according to our company philosophy, skill and thoraugh knowledge of materials must also go hand-in-hand. Otherwise it is not possible to sell the correct products. Of course this also applies to Internet sales